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What is a marketing thought partner?

The business landscape has changed. By 2020, customers will manage85% of their relationship without talking to a human. Are you equipped to navigate the ever evolving digital world and create effective marketing strategies with relevant brand narratives that target your ideal customer personas, and serve targeted, relevant content at each step of their journey with your organization?

Andrew Perry is your marketing thought partner, offering strategic marketing planning services in bite sized chunks to creative partners, b2b organizations and marketers.

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4 Steps to Creating Customer Personas

Learn the major steps, guidelines and pitfalls to avoid to create more compelling customer personas that will help your organization understand who your customers are, how to target and better service them.


Andrew Perry - Marketing Thought Partner is a person who possesses marketing information, knowledge, or a way of thinking that challenges and provokes divergent thinking and action for an organization.

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At Andrew Perry we believe the best ideas come from challenging the norm, changing your paradigms and assumptions, thinking about your business problems in another way that leads to value creation with in your business. Marketing has changed. 

Digital marketing is here to stay. Demand generation, inbound marketing, lead scoring and smarketing are just some of the concepts Andrew Perry can help you tackle to build business and drive revenue. A marketing thought partner is how to get there.

As your marketing thought partner, we provide strategic marketing services in bite sized chunks to creative partners, as well as b2b organizations and marketers.

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The role of marketing has evolved.

Shouldn't how you HANDLE your marketing EVOLVE TOO?