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How We Work

We are a new kind of b2b marketing agency.

As a Marketing Thought Partner, we support change and transformation initiatives for business to business (b2b) organizations by providing strategic, thoughtful marketing strategy and implementation services that include Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) on-demand, marketing department installation and marketing education.

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We get to know you

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We bring your leaders together to share perspectives

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What is a Marketing Thought Partner?

A person who possess’ marketing information, knowledge, or a way of thinking that challenges and provokes divergent thinking and drives action for an organization. 

True innovation comes from thinking about a problem or solution in a new or unique way. This area is where a Marketing Thought Partner thrives. To get the greatest value from one, engage with them around a topic, idea, problem or opportunity.

Collaborators At Heart

We love helping our clients solve their marketing challenges.  As your Marketing Thought Partner we are more than just marketing strategists. We are collaborators, teachers, coaches, executors and mentors for your organization and your marketing teams. We are a b2b marketing agency with the right combination of business strategy and marketing acumen, sprinkled with a passion for great customer experiences. 

Abena Perryman

Chief CX Strategist & Lead Content Architect | Managing Partner

Abena Perryman

Chief CX Strategist & Lead Content Architect | Managing Partner

A managing partner at Andrew Perry in Toronto, Abena is a self-proclaimed customer evangelist, who loves to dissect the customer journey identifying how organizations can better connect with their customers. She has spent the last 20 years helping organizations craft better marketing strategies by building deeper relationships with both their internal and external customers. Defining Customer Personas, mapping customer journeys, crafting content and measuring results is what revs up this digital marketing strategist.

When Abena isn’t huddled under a blanket in a hockey arena she can be found throwing down the latest moves to Uptown Funk (Just Dance) on the World Dance floor.

Leah Andrew

Chief Marketing Strategist & Lead Brand Builder | Managing Partner

Leah Andrew

​Chief Marketing Strategist & Lead Brand Builder | Managing Partner

As lead brand builder Leah has been helping b2b organizations carve out their name in today’s digital landscape for the last 15 years. No stranger to business strategy with an MBA, Leah started her career learning about brand building for some of North America’s most notable Fortune 500 companies. Crafting marketing roadmaps and helping clients define the brand messaging and position is what rev’s up this digital marketing strategist.

When she isn’t digging into her opponents on a volleyball court, Leah can be found crafting egg carton flowers and paper bag puppets with her kids.

Why Work With Us?

We are a b2b marketing agency that cares about our clients. And their business. What can you expect? Authentic, fresh and honest conversations – all the time.

Distinctive Perspective that Connects the Dots

As a b2b marketing agency, our marketing and business strategy experience across multiple sectors allows us to see patterns that others don’t.

Global Network of Marketing Partners

Access our trusted network of qualified partners - from web developer and designers to content creators and SEO experts.

Comfortable Navigating Change & Transformation

With over 25 years navigating marketing, customer experience and business strategy, we’ve learned how to embrace change, and thrive.

Collaborative & Teaching Approach

While others might “catch fish for you”, we “teach you to fish”, empowering your team to drive success for the long term.

Speed & Ease

We ramp up quickly and can provide marketing capacity without the headcount or headache. Many hands make light work.

Fun X 2

Fun creates enthusiasm and drives energy! We believe that when we spend 50+ hrs a week working, it should be 2 parts fun, 1 part style and a whole lot of smarts.

Client Results

on Demand

360 Workshop, Website, and Content Strategy & Implementation

Marketing Department Installation

360 workshop, Marketing Blueprint, Company Re-brand, and Content Strategy & Implementation - Webinars, RMOs

on Demand

360 workshop, Marketing Blueprint, Sales Training, and POP & Store Activation.

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