A pile of chocolate chip cookies

6 Simple Ways to Leave Your Clients Wanting More

The best cookie I ever had was at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver when I was running the Top Producers Conference. The cookie was delicious: soft yet firm, surprises of macadamia nuts I didn’t even know I liked, white chocolate and just a hint of oatmeal. The chef was kind enough to give me

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Scattered wooden letters spelling the word conflict

Client Management: 4 Levels of Conflict

Fostering a collaborative culture within your company is incredibly important, but it can be a challenge to execute. With collaboration comes relationships, communication, and – inevitably – conflict. A simple yet profound tool that has shifted the way I manage relationships and conflict is the “4 Levels of Conflict” framework. I was introduced to this

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Emotional Marketing at the Ballot box

Emotional Marketing at the Ballot Box

With less than 7 days left to the US presidential elections I am glued to the media. I never really paid attention to the emotional marketing that is required to get a candidate elected. And frankly, it is fascinating.

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