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A Time to Be Grateful and Say Thanks

A time to say thanks

2020 is a year where there has been so much loss, grief, and sadness. Thanksgiving is a time when we can focus on all of those things for which we are grateful. It is a time for reflection, gathering family near, and giving thanks for all of our many blessings. This Thanksgiving is a little different however, as the world is still getting used to what normal looks like in the middle of a pandemic.  

And that is what makes this year’s Thanksgiving so special. For there is nothing like going through great loss to make you realize all of the many blessings you still have.

Where we chose to shine our light

We can’t forget even in the midst of all this chaos – what brings us closer together is our shared humanity. At our core all everyone wants is: to be loved, to laugh and feel appreciated for the ideas and things that they contribute to the world. Giving thanks and expressing gratitude doesn’t have to be limited to just one time of year.

How does gratitude fit into your business and marketing efforts?

Whether the effort is big or small – here are five simple ways to say thanks:

  1. Send personal hand written thank you card 
  2. Run a campaign highlighting customers and thanking them for their business
  3. Call for no other reason than to say “Thank you for your business”
  4. Give back with a donation to a charity near and dear to you or your client’s heart
  5. Volunteer your time (your team’s) to an organization that aligns with your industry

These are simple ways to say thank you and authenticity is key. Have you considered building a gratitude practice into your regular course of business? Clients who feel appreciated are more likely to: be loyal, become your brand ambassadors, provide business referrals and above all give you a sense of accomplishment.

An attitude of gratitude

Although the year has been particularly hard for me, even in the midst of my grief and sadness, I’d like to take a moment to thank those that continue to be ardent supporters. A sincere “Thank you” to: my family, friends, colleagues at work, managing partner Leah, and last but certainly not least, thanks to our great clients that trust us and give us the opportunity to help them transform their business everyday!

Sending more kindness your way

And finally, one of the simplest reasons to say ‘thank you’ and be grateful is that it is a form of kindness. I think we can all agree – what the world needs now is more gratitude. 

Happy Thanksgiving!



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