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Digital Transformation – Are You Ready for the Post Pandemic World?

Accelerating Digital Transformation in a post pandemic world

Last week I attended an Ivey School of Business digital transformation webinar. The webinar covered key questions to consider as organizations prepare for post pandemic marketing and business.

The key point that shone through for me?

Organizations that were already embracing technology were closer to being ready and resilient when black swan events occur.  This includes things like:

  • accommodating remote workers,
  • improving collaboration through online tools,
  • collecting data and enhancing modelling, and
  • utilizing online customer engagement tools,

However, those that were still waiting to accelerate digital transformation were left flatfooted when governments around the world went into lockdown. It brings to mind the Warren Buffet quote “Only when the tide goes out do you see who’s been swimming naked.”

Only when the tide goes out do you see who's been swimming naked.

Over the course of the webinar, I noted six elements an organization needs to be able to accelerate their digital transformation:

1. Respect the Data

Whether it’s data models or data collection, organizations must have organizational commitment to understand data and use it to make better decisions. For example, digital and organizational success is driven by the movement of data. This runs from collection and analysis to prediction and adjustments.

2. Develop Defined Processes

Operational processes must be defined with an ability to be executed virtually. If this is in place, everyone will know what they are doing within that process.

3. Establish Strong Leadership

Leaders across the organization need a commitment to digital so they can lead their teams when they are dispersed.

4. Advance Cross Company Agility

Marketing activities today are varied.  They leverage technology to truly bring a customized experience to customers. As a result, organizations need to be agile enough to manage changing technology and processes to deliver exceptional results.

5. Commit to Customer Engagement

Organizations must already be engaged with customers in some shape or form to stay in tune with their needs and wants.

6. Curate a Culture of Collaboration

Not just within departments, but an ability to coordination across teams.  It reminds me of a favourite African proverb: 

If you want go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Want more?  Check out the full webinar discussion on Accelerating Digital Transformation.



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