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Is marketing for me? Read these marketing tenets

Is Marketing for Me? Read these 11 Marketing Tenets

Are you a recent grad wondering “is marketing for me?” If you’re thinking about a career in marketing, have a read through our 11 marketing tenets for being a Marketing Thought Partner (MTP). It provides some examples of organizational values that may be important to you as you think about next steps. For example, how do you feel about collaboration? Is an organization that operates with integrity and authenticity important to you? What about giving back? As a new grad, these kinds of questions are hopefully coming into play as you think about where you want to work.

As Marketing Thought Partners, we commit to 11 marketing tenets when working with our clients. In fact, every time you engage with a MTP, you’re getting someone who:

1. Listens carefully:

We believe in listening to seek clarity, and seek out thoughtful, open and respectful dialogue, regardless of who we’re speaking with.

2. Commits to collaboration:

Collaboration is multiplication. We believe collaboration is a critical component to a thriving partnership. It makes all of us better and amplifies our success.

Collaboration is multiplication

3. Seeks out connections:

See patterns where others don’t. We believe in systems thinking, take inspiration from unexpected places and work to connect dots across sectors and industries to apply it in new and different ways.

4. Respects the process:

Trust the process. We believe in taking measured steps using a proven process for all engagements. As a result, we will never skip one step in order to rush to the finish because it will not reap the rewards you want.

5. Operates with integrity and authenticity:

A focus on meaningful engagement. We believe in delivering a customer experience built on trust, honesty and mutual respect. In fact, we will only work with organizations who believe in that too.

6. Is action-biased:

Perfect is the enemy of great. We believe in a bias to action, and will limit navel gazing in the interest of live testing.

7. Focuses on fun:

Fun creates enthusiasm and drives energy! We believe having a sense of humour, and a willingness to use sound effects, helps build strong partnership and stronger results.

8. Leverages best practices:

Why recreate the wheel? We believe in learning from others. For example, if we find a good idea somewhere else, we will seek to use it to our advantage and openly share it again for others.

9. Gives back to go forward:

Focus on giving. We believe in contributing to all of our communities – industry, peers, neighbourhoods and society at large. In truth, we seek out partners who feel as passionately as we do about giving back to build a better future.

10. Uses creativity to breed breakthroughs:

As Einstein said, “imagination is more important than knowledge.” We believe creative thinking is necessary to help us push boundaries, examine all angles and develop innovative ideas.

Imagination is more important than knowledge

11. Celebrates who we are:

People are human after all. We believe in seeing our flaws and differences as a source of strength. We accept (and expect) the whole person to show up at every meeting.

So, getting back to your question – “is marketing for me”? If you found yourself nodding and feeling like “this resonates”, then you have two options: Use these values as you explore marketing career opportunities. Or, get in touch! We are always looking for passionate marketers to join our team!



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