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The Great Resignation: 3 Reasons It Might Be a Good Thing

The Great Resignation. Fact? Or Fiction? Among all the headlines about the pandemic and its many effects on our lives, one keeps popping up. It has been coined “The Great Resignation”. In the U.S., the number of employees quitting their jobs has exceeded pre-pandemic levels for eight months straight as of January 2022. A major shift is taking place. with the potential to affect our economy. There’s a resulting feeling of discomfort, instability, and anxiety. 

But is the Great Resignation actually so bad? Could it be a change that, although uncomfortable at first, leads to improvements in our workplaces? And economies? When people have the chance to reevaluate what matters most to them, they have space to change their behaviour. It can actually be refreshing to have a major shift because growth, creativity, and satisfaction are often the result.

1. Growth

Challenging yourself to do something different keeps you learning and growing. Moving away from what is known and comfortable towards new possibilities requires you to gain new skills, learn how to work with different personalities, and translate what you already know into new contexts.

2. Creativity

A change of scenery, a new group of co-workers, a different office culture – all of these contribute to a fresh injection of creativity. When your inputs are all the same, it makes sense that the outputs will also remain consistent. Finding yourself in a new environment can provide alternate perspectives and spark innovative ideas.

3. Satisfaction

The record numbers of people who have resigned from their positions over these past few years have done so as a result of a certain level of dissatisfaction. The specific reasons may be varied. From a toxic work environment to feeling bored or overworked or undervalued. But the choice to quit shows an intention of moving toward something better. And when people are happier with work, it can translate into health benefits, increased productivity and higher levels of motivation.

Embrace the Great Resignation

So although the Great Resignation may be unsettling, it also presents an exciting opportunity. A large portion of the workforce is making the choice to opt-out of the norm and seek something better. Which opens up the possibility for growth, creativity and increased levels of satisfaction at work.



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