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Transformation and Marketing – A Checklist for Clients

7 questions for better transformation and marketing

The need for transformation feels especially relevant right now – whether it’s digital, cultural, organizational or something else. But, when it comes to transformation and marketing, many organizations feel like they’re at a loss for how to successfully accomplish this.

Working with a marketing thought partner might be just the ticket.

If you’re considering engaging someone to help you navigate the next wave of transformation and marketing, check out these 7 questions. This checklist outlines the critical things that must be in place to ensure both your transformation efforts and your marketing investment can deliver the return you’re looking for.  It covers uptake, ability to execute, getting buy-in and much more.

1. Are you strong in the core?

Technology, sales and marketing make up the venn diagram for transformation and marketing. These three groups must be fully aligned and moving in the same direction to drive sustainable transformation.

Marketing and Transformation venn

2. Do you have a resilience mindset?

Change is an ongoing state. With this in mind, does your organization get excited about doing things differently? Further, are you able to embrace change, strengthen agility and build resilience?

3. Do you focus on metrics that matter?

It’s not about metrics for the sake of metrics.  As an organization, you must first understand your goals.  From there, it’s time to focus on developing metrics that matter to your organization, even if it flies in the face of industry benchmarks.

4. Do you take advantage of technology?

Better, faster, stronger. Does your organization capitalize on all things digital? Moreover, can your organization combine this attitude with a commitment to always round out the digital with the very human critical thinking skills?

5. Do you embrace failing fast?

Do you fear failure? Failure is part of understanding what works and what doesn’t. As an organization, do you believe in taking calculated risks?  For example, are you willing to fail fast and stay committed to learning from your mistakes?

6. Do you know your purpose?

As Kevin Rose says, “A team aligned behind a vision will move mountains.”  Does your organization have a clear vision, values and mission?  More importantly, do you have a team who understands and commits to them?  If not, you’re just getting by.

7. Do you believe in the power of your brand?

Your brand is central to everything you do. Does your organization believe in the importance of your brand in all of its facets? For example, does your brand go beyond the basics of look and values to include style, consistency, positioning and tone?

Are you interested in exploring the world of transformation and marketing?  We are experts at helping companies navigate change.  We use a collaborative approach and teaching mindset backed by years of multidisciplinary industry experience to help you successfully transform your marketing efforts.  Contact us for an initial conversation.



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